How does it work?

It's actually straightforward! You sign up by clicking “Become a Micro Sponsor”. Enter your information, choose the payment method and the amount you want to support the club.

For example, if you sign up on the 10th of a month, your first membership period will run from February 10 to March 9. The following membership period will run from March 10 to April 9, etc.

When you sign up, you choose the micro-sponsor amount you want to contribute to the club each time they score a goal. The micro-sponsor amount will vary from period to period because it is based on your club’s performance.

So how do I know what to pay?

- Well, the matches the club play are divided into monthly periods, depending on when you created your micro-sponsor membership. The goals scored in the matches are withdrawn via your chosen payment method.

Example: You have registered on February 10 and have chosen a micro-sponsor amount of € 0,50. Your first period runs until March 9 at 23.59.59. Let's call this period Period 1. The club plays five matches in Period 1 and scores eight goals. This means that your micro-sponsor amount in Period 1 will be € 0,5 x 8 goals = € 4.

Your next period, which we call Period 2, runs from March 10 to April 9 at 23.59.59. In Period 2, the club plays six matches and scores six goals. This means that your micro-sponsor amount for Period 2 will be € 0,5 x 6 goals = € 3.

It's pretty simple, right?

How and when can I win prizes?

- When you register as a micro-sponsor, you are automatically in the prize draw for delicious and unique prizes every month.

Prizes are automatically drawn by the system once a month. Therefore, it is different from one club to another when the date for the prize draw takes place. However, you will see the information concerning the date and prizes on the club's front page.

Here you will also be able to see previous winners and upcoming prizes.